Thermal Springs

The Thermal Springs of Ikaria ara considered as some of the most radioactive springs in the whole world. Among the seventeen (17) main springs of Greece, Ikaria is been known for it’s own “spas” that are situated in the area of Agios Kirikos Municipality.

There are eight (8) hot springs that spread out in several points on the island. «Thermo» and «Chlio-Thermo» springs are located west of Agios Kirikos and they are 2500 m. the first one and 1800 m. the second one far from the area of Lefkada .
«Moustafa-Litza» spring is located in a short distance east of the Country Council inside the town of Agios Kirikos. Four more springs, including Pamfili’s Cave spring, Kratsa’s spring, Artemida’s spring and Apollono;s spring are situated at Therma.

There is also «Agias Kiriakis» spring on the west coast of the island. For conclusion in the area of Xilosirtis another spring spreads out and it’s called «Immortal Water». The water of this spring it is considered as diuretic and it also the out coming of rocks and sand of the kidneys and the cyst.

They belong in the category of thermal radioactive sea-springs and they have differences between them such as the power of radioactivity and the temperature.

The high radioactivity of Thermal Springs of Ikaria it was first noticed by M. Pertesis in 1936 and 1938. The utilization research of Thermal Springs was in 1962 and it was published by The University of Thessaloniki (A.K. Makri).
According to the research of Co-ordination Ministry (1980) there have been changes referring on gathering of radonium and on the chemical composition of the springs.

The water of the thermal springs in Ikaria is the most suitable natural way for healing several diseases some of these are:

1. Chronic rheumatisms and several forms of arthritis.
2. Uric arthritis.
3. Neuralgia, neuritis, and muscle pains.
4. Some forms of abnormalities on circulation system.
5. Abnormalities on respiration system.
6. Gynecological problems.
7. Skin diseases.

We should point out this: there is no danger of the radioactivity of the hot mineral springs during your bath. Radonium is what there is in the water, not radio.

Also the way of use the water really minimizes the amount of radioactivity

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