Historic Retrospaction

Ikaria was inhabited since the prehistoric ages but it began to appear interest in the 15th century, a century that was marked by pirates’ invasions who were the terror in all the islands of the Aegean Sea, especially the pirate Chirentin Barbarossa.

At that time the Genovese despots left the island and dug themselves in the island of Chios. The locals in order to save themselves took refuge in the mountains.
Then Lagada a settlement located a hidden valley among steep slopes at the west end of the island, close to the lighthouse of Cavo – Pappas started to flourish. It became the ark of salvation for the Ikarians.

For many years later on the island was considered to be uninhabited, so nor the pirates or even the Turks during the first era of the Ottoman domination came on the island.
From the 18th century and on, started to climb down towards the sea and built small settlements.

In 19th century commerce was developed by the merchants from Smyrna, the island started producing charcoal, raisins and wine.
Most of the public constructions, the churches, the schools, the trails and some of the stone bridges date since then.

In 1912 the Ikarians rebel and win their independence from the Turkish command by establishing the Ikarian State with its own monetary and mail system. Later on and upon the arrival of the Greek fleet Ikaria united with Greece.

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