Archaeological Sites

red_bullet Nas
Resided by the Naiades, the ruins of the temple devoted to Tavropolos Artemida.

red_bullet Castle
A castle dating from the middle ages on mount Koskina.
Castle of Drakanou
Ancient castle at Fanari. A part of it is which was saved until today was ruined when the war ship Miaoulis was testing her canons.(  Video  )

red_bullet Museums
There is an archeological Museum at Agios Kirikos.
Another one Kampos where are the ruins of ancient Enoe.
Also there are folklore museums at Agio Polykarpo, Agio Kiriko, Perdiki, Vrakades.

You will be able to get acquainted with the cultural activities taking place at the villages and the settlements and understand the strong connection that the natives have with orthodoxy.
The Byzantine churches, country churches and monasteries, the shrines and the wall paintings reveal the devotion of the people to religion.

red_bullet Monasteries
Mounte Monastery is at Agios Polykarpos. Its construction started in 1460 and it was restored in 1893. The icon screen is wood carved and dates back in 1906.
Mavrianos Monastery at the northwest of the municipality, it was constructed during the end of 17th century. The wood carve of the icon screen was made in 1820.
Lefkada’s Monastery is at Agios Kirikos, 17th century.
Churches (by region)
At Agios Polykarpos
The Temple of Agios Polykarpos is the greatest in the municipality. It was constructed in 1889 over the foundations of the older Temlple.
Chrurch of Agios Panteleimonas
At Yaliskari
Parish of Agios Nikolaos
The church of Ascension at the isle.
At Kastanies, location Trigonostassi
Temple of Agia Triada is a very old where some of its cells are still saved. It was built on the foundations of the old temple. (  Video  )

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