Traditional Festivals

 The traditional festivals (panigiria) that take place day and night are of great significance in the cultural activities in the Municipality.

They are all religious festivities organized by the cultural associations and the church committees of the villages.
You should not miss the one on August 6 at Christos. All the fiestas preserve their traditional character and are planned by the volunteering members of every Society without payment.

Any amount of income that may come from these fiestas are used by the societies for the

Dancing never ends!common wealth of the village. At the Ikarian festivals you will enjoy traditional music eat goat meat and drink Ikarian red wine.(  Video  )


red_bullet January 7th, at Proespera

red_bullet February 10th, at Kalamos

red_bullet February 23th, at Agios Polykarpos

red_bullet March 25th, at Mavriannou

red_bullet April 23rd, at Amalou

red_bullet May 14th, at Agios Isidoros

red_bullet In May, at Armenistis

red_bullet In May, at Kastanies (Tragostasi)

red_bullet In June, at Trapalou

red_bullet June 24th, at Agios Ioannis in Christos – Raches

red_bullet June 30th, at Pezi

red_bullet July 1st, at Kares, Profiti Ilia, Vrakades

red_bullet July 26th, at Karkinagri

red_bullet July 27th, at Agios Panteleimonas

red_bullet August 6th, at Kalamos, Christos – Raches

red_bullet August 15th, at Gialiskari, kouniadi, Lagada

red_bullet In August, at Agios DIMITRIOS

red_bullet August 29th, at Proespera

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