The agricultural products that are connected to the local peculiarities are:

red_bullet “Pramnios Inos”, the kind of wine that the heroes of Homer drank. You will find labels at small wineries with small production but also in taverns unbottled.
red_bullet The locally produced honey comes from pine trees and a variety of flowers and is considered on of the best in the country.

red_bullet Cheese and meat. Breeding of sheep and goats is the stockers’ main occupation producing dairy products from goat milk and the local cheese called “kathoura”. In Ikaria there are hundreds of wild goats known as “raska” which provide delicious meat.

red_bullet Olive trees, chestnut and walnut trees provide fruits of high quality.

Traditional sweets, pasta and spirits add to the local gastronomy.

You should not leave without having tasted products like the wine, the honey, the meat, the chestnuts, the oil or “tsipouro”!

Also, you will find traditional handicraft products and ceramics at Christos and Nas.

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