The island of Ikaria
Is one of islands in the eastern Aegean Sea with prefecture at Samos.
It is located east of Mykonos, west of Samos and south of Patmos. It has a long and narrow shape from where it takes one of its ancient names “Makris” or “Dolichi”. Ikaria is 40 kilometers long and covers an area of 267 m2.It is known of its curative mineral water springs but also of its wild natural beauty. The last years it has become a tourist destination for many people from the cities that seek for places where they can enjoy nature.

It is a natural balcony to the Aegean Sea with its thick vegetation and the long beaches on one side and the steep rocks on the other side.
Ikaria is like a painting that you may admire from the highlands of Agios Kirikos or from Pezi.Discover Nikaria, as the locals call it and walk around in the flourished narrow streets, the picturesque squares with the coffee shops, the dry stone walls, swim in the clear waters, taste the fresh fish and the “black” wine at some mountain village on the west side of Ikaria next to chestnut trees and running waters.


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