Exploring Parts

 We would suggest exploring every part of this island, to discover villages and settlements in the forests and the slopes, like:

Christos, Agios Dimitrios, Armenistis, Vrakades, Kares, Kato Raches, Kouniadi, Mavriannou, Nanouras, Xintas, Proespera, Profitis Ilias, Tsakades, Agio Polykarpo, Agio Panteleimona, Yaliskari, Kastanies, Lapsahades, Lomvardades, Mandria, Moni Mounte, Karkinagri, Amalou, Kalamos, Lagadda, Pezi, Trapalou.  (  Video  )


Municipality of Raches

The municipality of Raches covers an area of 101,768 m2 and a population of 2,200 people.
It is consisted of three municipal regions, Raches, Agios Polykarpos, Karkinagri and 27 large settlements.

It is the most touristic part of the island with unprecedented natural beauty.Geographically the municipality of Raches covers the west part of the island. It is crossed by the mountain chain of Athera with the highest peak of mountain Melissa at 1,033 m. From there springs Chalaris river, which along with a lot of other currents flow through steep ravines and inaccessible areas and encounter the sea at the two most beautiful and frequent beaches of the island, Mesakti and Livadi.

Blue and green colors offer calmness and relaxation.One of the basic characteristics of this area is the contradictions and the alternations of the natural landscape.
Pines, plane trees, orchards, vineyards, olive groves, wild flowers, aromatic plants and rare kinds of bushes combine the greatness of Ikarian nature and reward every visitor that wishes to explore it.
Lakes are formed form the running waters in the pine forests and the ravines; one should not miss the ones at Pezi and at the damn of Agios Polykarpos.Agios Polykarpos, Agios Dimitrios Mandria, Karydies, Kastanies, Christos, Amalou, Vrakades, Kouniadi, Nanouras, Proespera, are some of the mountain villages where you may enjoy the Ikarian hospitality along with local products of unique taste.

The small monastery of Agios Issidoros is situated at the southern part of the municipality with panoramic sea view.
Lagada is in the center of an amphitheatrically formed valley of important folklore interest. Below the plane trees you will find a tavern that offers local food and wine. Also you should visit Kalamos, Cavo – Pappas cape, the picturesque port of Trapalou and the hospitable Karkinagri.
Isn’t it time to explore the heaven?
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