Alternative Tourism

 Ikaria Naturalist Tourism
The wealth and variety of cultural and environmental resources of the wider region of the Municipality of Raches and of the settlements provide numerous opportunities to enjoy your vacation.
You may wander in the thickets and the pine woods or explore the ravines next to the rivers, the water-lands, the lakes and the rocky shores or even admire the architecture of old buildings while never loosing respect to nature and always taking caution of polluting or setting fire.

For all of you who enjoy hiking there are several trails older and new ones with signs that cross the mountains of the island and pass through the settlements, even through the stockyards the rivers and the ravines.
A very important thing you should have in mind when hiking is the weather conditions. It is not a dry island; there are heavy rains and even snow sometimes until March.
If in winter there is heavy rain and the spring comes late, you may encounter running waters and flowery meadows on the mountains until June.

Directions for Hikers
There is no dress code.
It is always useful to have with you a kerchief, a small towel, a cane of strong wood, a can with water which you refill from the springs and a small medical kit in case you get wasp stings or injured by thorns. If you avoid wearing strong perfumes then the Ikarian bees will not bother you unless you get very close to them.

For your better information about the trails you may obtain the special road map with all the trails, “The tour of Raches on foot”, from Ikarian Association at Raches and the local stores.
Good hiking!

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